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  As an artist, I work hard to develop art that combines traditional Native American themes with contemporary objects that speak to all of us who love art. Some of my artwork contrasts traditional settings with modern objects that accompany our lives and emphasize traditional values and the acceptance of change. Reading mythology helps me to understand how our first psychology guided human behavior. These stories formed the basis of my aim to connect these wisdoms with contemporary reality.


  My style of art is unique in that it contains cultural motifs with pop culture images, graffiti media, historical photographs, graphic design, and some appropriation. I incorporate these subjects into my art because I feel that I manipulate my emotions into my artwork. I find cultural motifs to be interesting when applied to my artwork because the motifs are unexpected. I use pop images to connect my audience to the mainstream culture. I choose to work with graffiti media because there is a sense of freedom that exists, since I use various materials such as spray paint, paint markers, and stickers. I appropriate other artists because it helps me to learn different techniques that make it possible to reach my goal of creating unique art. 



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